Detecting depression

How do you know if someone or even you have depression? There’re many symptoms that can reflect whether or not depression is an issue – or other similar medical conditions.

If you’re afraid to approach any healthcare professional and feel that you’ll be laughed at, consider taking the below questionnaire first. If you think someone may be facing depression, you may have to take them through the tests below.

New Zealand Depression and Anxiety Tests

UK Patient Health Questionnaire 9 for mental health screening

If you yourself score highly on either test, you should seriously consider approaching a healthcare professional you trust and tell them the symptoms. Both questionnaires work the same way, and you may wish to share your answers with your healthcare professional.

If the person you are helping scores highly on either test, please encourage him or her to seek help. You may not be able to do so for them, but if safety is an issue (due to self-harm or suicidal tendencies), please call IMH’s helpline at 6389 2222. They will advise you on the next step, including calling emergency services if necessary.

Remember – don’t be afraid or ashamed to seek help! Depression is nothing to be ashamed of, and is something that can be recovered from, as long as help is sought.