Lie – A Poem

Lie for me.
Hide the truth of pain.

If you’re about to cry, smile.
Smile though your heart is breaking.
However heavy your load,
Stand tall, shoulders squared.
Bite back your words,
Never complain.
Never show the pain.
If it hurts,
Laugh. Laugh.
It. Off.
And stand tall.

However broken
The world seems
Tell others they have it worse.
Suck it in.
And never reveal your weakness.
Take control,
Of your emotions.
Restrain them because emotions
Show weakness.
Anger is bad.
Sadness more so.
Shame, will be yours for feeling this way, so
And stand tall.

Even when the skies open
And you’re soaked to the bone |
You have control
Over even things you have no way
To control.
To admit otherwise
Means you’re broken
To be broken
Is to be turned away from.
Thrown aside like a spoilt meal.
And called spoilt.
So, broken, bleeding, and soaked,
And stand tall.

If you tell the truth
Of your pain and hurt
I will hurt and
Have to face my actions.
Neither is acceptable.
You are not acceptable.
So lie for me.
Suck it up.
Stand tall.
And if you break,
You were never good enough anyway.

If you break,
Break alone.
And never speak again.

Featured Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay

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