18. IMH – the reality

The Institute of Mental Health has an unsavoury reputation, with many Singaporeans remembering Woodbridge and how it operated purely as an asylum. However, with great improvements in education and medical care in Singapore, IMH has become a very solid bastion of mental health education and care in Singapore.

Many depression sufferers avoid the mention of IMH due to the association of IMH with its past, and with the idea of being committed to an asylum. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mental disorders are more common, and can be treated even at their outpatient clinic, with inpatient services only activated when absolutely necessary.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and therapists combine to make a holistic team that works to ensure medical help is easily available within IMH. It is time that recognition is given to them for the sterling work that they do to ensure mental healthcare is available to all Singaporeans.

If you are a mental health sufferer, do not fear approaching IMH for help. In the event that you need to be warded, it is true that the general wards may not be easy to adjust to, but rest assured that the medical teams will do their best to care for you, and will put your safety and your recovery as priorities during your stay.

As a side note, general wards are harder to acclimatise to due to the mixed nature of the conditions that are seen in the wards.

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